Affordable + Missing Middle Housing

Since 1999, Century has developed 639 residential units in and around the downtown Denver area. We have constructed housing at luxury price points, but the heart of our residential development work has been affordable and Missing Middle housing.

'Missing Middle' housing, coined by housing consultant Daniel Parolek, aptly describes the work we do: it refers to multi-unit housing types that are larger than single family homes, but smaller than high rises or the larger apartment complexes. Missing Middle housing helps connect the central business district with adjacent neighborhoods, are walkable, engage the neighborhood, and most importantly -- are attainable by residents earning between 60% and 140% of the area median income (AMI).


Welton Park

223 affordable housing units at 30% and 60% AMI.
259,843sf total
205 underground parking stalls
Completed October 2016
Fully occupied December 2016
Largest LIHTC project in downtown Denver since 2005.

More information on our Welton Park page.


Broadway Plaza Lofts

223 affordable housing units at 50% and 60% AMI
296,000sf total
12,180sf commercial at grade with 7 office suites
Structured parking
Completed 2005

5th and Lincoln-Hi Res (2).jpg

Blake Street Apartments

94 affordable housing units at 50% and 40% AMI
2,571sf commercial at grade
Structured parking
Completed 2006


University Park Row Homes

12 rowhomes ranging from $399k to $434k
(all units sold at construction completion)
1,334sf average unit size
2 car attached garages, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths

Early post-recession project in the DU/Observatory Park area that spurred other subsequent infill investment and development.

Lincoln Terrace

75 affordable housing units @ 30%/40%/50% AMI
100% leased at construction completion
9,918sf commercial at grade
Structured parking
Completed 2008